Our mission is to provide a fair and balanced overview of the positive role that cannabis can play in improving the health and the well-being of all Americans and to dispel the negative myths that have surrounded cannabis for almost a century. Because our fest requires no admittance fee, we have a wonderful opportunity to educate a wide spectrum of attendees not only about the health benefits associated with cannabis but also about the positive impact the cannabis industry has on the region’s economy.


We envision that attendees of the Mid-South Hemp Fest will gain a better understanding of the cannabis industry; that a greater number of people will embrace cannabis as both a medicinal and economic resource; and that cannabis will ultimately secure its rightful place in our nation.


  • Credibility – Our inaugural event last year was an outstanding success that resulted in the largest of its kind in the southern region, with speakers ranging from hemp farmers and patients to politicians, businessmen, and activists.
  • Integrity – The founders and managers of Mid-South Hemp Fest are deeply committed to establishing trust in the community by being honest, forthright and fair in the kind of information we allow to be presented.
  • Awareness and education – We believe that it’s only through increased awareness and education that cannabis can be accepted by the mainstream of society as a valuable commodity.
  • Transparency – We foster transparency in all of our marketing, communication, and all of our promotional outreach. We have no ulterior motive other than attendee enlightenment.
  • Excellence – Our educational speakers, our vendors, our entertainment, and our food booths have been all selected for their ability to add value to a high quality experience.